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reactorsOur emulsifier and fuel phase products are available for use in bulk and packaged emulsion formulations that may be applied in surface or underground applications. These products form the foundation for King Explorer emulsion technology and may also be used to produce customer specific emulsion products.

Span80 bottle and block

SMO emulsifier concentrate is a fatty- acid based product with a long history of use in the industrial explosives industry. SMO is most commonly used in packaged emulsion products where waxes or other means are employed to create emulsion stiffness after manufacture.

Composite emulsifier concentrate is a proprietary blend of SMO and polymeric PIBSA-based emulsifiers that is designed to be blended with oils and waxes for eventual packaged emulsion manufacture.

“AIO” All-in-One finished fuel phase is a proprietary blend of emulsifiers, waxes, and oils that is commonly used formulated for gassed packaged emulsion. Composite fuel phase is delivered in solid block form for simple handling and efficient storage.